ELyT Global

2020 Projects

You can find below a description of active projects in 2020:

  • BENTO: Nonlinear and dynamic micromagnetic Behavior modeling and characterization for Non-Destructive Testing techniques optimization
  • BoneDrill: Development and Friction Characterization of Biomodels of Bones
  • BOSMA*: Blood flOw Simulation for Medical Applications
  • CarboEDiffSim: Simulation of Carbon electro diffusion in Iron with phase change
  • CODOMO: COrrosion Degradation of cOld spray coating by electrocheMical analysis at the lOcal Scale
  • CombAmmOpt: Elucidation of fundamental COMBustion characteristics of AMMOnia blended fuels to develop and OPTimize the design of low carbon gas turbines for power plants
  • CONCORD*: Corrosion friction stir welDing
  • COSMIC: COmpression-Shearing Method – understanding Interfaces in metal Composites
  • DECCOBABA: DEvelopment and Characterization of New CO BAsed alloys for Biomedical Applications
  • ELiceTrib: Tribology of elastomer/ice contact from nm to mm scale
  • INTELUM: Materials and structure design
  • LASMAT: Nd3+/Yb3+rare earth ions-doped transparent laser ceramics by Spark Plasma Sintering method. Comparison with single crystals
  • lofDIAMS: Low and ultralow friction of microcrystalline diamonds films towards smart and tribo-resistant coatings
  • MARECO: MAgneto-Rheological elastomers for Energy COnversion
  • MATSURI*: MAgneToStrictive coUpling for eneRgy harvestIng
  • MicroCell: Microsystems for Cell Engineering
  • MISTRAL: MIniature-Scale Energy GeneraTion by Magnetic Shape MemoRy Alloys
  • MuORoD: Multi-Objective Robust Design
  • OPSCC: Optimizing surface finish to Prevent SCC initiation in energy industries
  • PolymColdSprayCoat: Resilient Polymeric Cold Spray Coating
  • POMADE: POlymer-Metal-fiber Adhesions DElamination control
  • PYRAMID: Piping sYstem, Risk management based on wAll thinning MonItoring and preDiction
  • REFRESH*: REFRigEration based on Solid-state cooling: Heat transfer mechanisms
  • SIAEROSIM: Simulation of Silica aerogels
  • TATAMI*: Thermal AcTuation and energy hArvesting using MultIphysic alloys
  • TEmPuRA: Theory for Electrostriction of PolymeRic Actuator


* refers to new projects in 2020