Elyt School


After 3 years with limited international exchanges due to covid pandemy, ElyT school is back. Thus, 10 students from the University of Tohoku, from various scientific backgrounds, were able to travel to Lyon to discuss with students from INSA and the Ecole Centrale in a friendly atmosphere.
For this return to normal of Franco-Japanese relations at ElyT School, the summer school took place in November (!), in parallel with the ElyT workshop, which brought together researchers around collaborative projects. ElyT School therefore only took place over 3 days, a shorter format but which allowed students to discuss at length and to attend presentations by the researchers supervising them, thus giving them a good overview of the research professions.

The various activities offered to the students were a great success. After a warm welcome around a meal at Ninkasi on the first evening, the students met for a presentation session allowing them to know each other better and to understand the specificities of teaching and student life in the foreign country.
These three days together also gave them the opportunity to visit the laboratories of INSA and the Ecole Centrale. The testimonies of expatriate researchers or students under joint supervision were not forgotten and two round tables were organized, during which many questions were answered.
Finally, ElyT School ended with a festive activity around oenology which allowed Japanese students to discover the variety of French terroirs and grape varieties!