ELyT Global

2018 Projects

As of December 2018, 29 collaborative research projects are listed within ELyT Global:

BeNTo - Leaders: T. Uchimoto & G. Sebald
Nonlinear and dynamic micromagnetic Behavior modeling and characterization for Non Destructive Testing techniques optimization

BoneDrill - Leaders: M. Ohta & V. Fridrici
Development and Friction Characterization of Biomodels of Bones

CarboEDiffSim - Leaders: T. Tokumasu & P. Chantrenne
Simulation of Carbon eletcro-diffusion in Iron with phase change

CODOMOs - Leaders: K. Ogawa & N. Mary
COrrosion Degradation of cOld spray coating by electrocheMical analysis at the lOcal Scale

CombAmmOpt - Leaders: H. Kobayashi & D. Escudié
Elucidation of fundamental COMBustion characteristics of AMMOnia blended fuels to develop and OPTimize the design of low carbon gas turbines for power plants

COSMIC - Leaders: H. Miki & J. Fontaine
COmpression-Shearing Method – understanding Interfaces in metal Composites

DECCOBABA - Leaders: A. Chiba & D. Fabrègue
DEvelopment and Characterization of New CO BAsed alloys for Biomedical Applications

DeProMiNa - Leaders: H. Kato & E. Maire
De alloying to produce micro and nano porous metals

DESIRE - Leaders: H. Kosukegawa & F. Dalmas
DESign of Interface structure of fiber-Reinforced polymer blEnd

ELiceTrib - Leaders: K. Kurihara & D. Mazuyer
Tribology of elastomer/ice contact from nm to mm scale

FMMD - Leaders: M. Ohta & V. Fridrici
Friction and sensory models for development of medical devices

Intelum - Leaders: A. Yoshikawa & K. Lebbou
Advanced scintillating fibres and Cerenkov fibres for new hadron and jet calorimeters for future colliders 

IPAMA - Leaders: H. Kato & J.M. Pelletier
Improvement of Plasticity in Amorphous Metallic Alloys 

LASMAT - Leaders: A. Yoshikawa & G. Boulon
Nd3+/Yb3+ rare earth ions-doped transparent laser ceramics by Spark Plasma Sintering method. Comparison with single crystals

lofDIAMS - Leaders: H. Miki & M. Belin
Low and ultralow friction of microcrystalline diamonds films

MARECO - Leaders: M. Nakano & G. Sebald
MAgneto-Rheological elastomers for Energy Conversion

MicroCell - Leaders: A. Shirai & J.P. Rieu
Microsystems for Cell Engineering

MICRONS - Leaders: D. Louzguine & P. Steyer
MultIscale Characterisation of BacteRiO-active Nanoglasse Surfaces

MISTRAL - Leaders: H. Miki & M. Lallart
Miniature-Scale Energy Generation by Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys

MuORode - Leaders: K. Shimoyama & F. Gillot
Robust Multi Objective optimization design approaches

OPSCC - Leaders: H. Abe & B. Ter-Ovanessian
Optimizing surface finish to Prevent SCC initiation in energy industries

PolymColdSprayCoat - Leaders: K. Ogawa & O. Lame
Resilient Polymeric cold spray coating

POMADE - Leaders: T. Uchimoto & N. Mary
POlymer-Metal-fiber Adhesions DElamination control

PYRAMID - Leaders: T. Takagi & P. Guy
Piping sYstem, Risk management based on wAll thinning MonItoring and preDiction

SilicaGelSim - Leaders: T. Tokumasu & P. Chantrenne
Prediction of thermal and mechanical properties of Silica Aerogel using atomic scale simulations

SPICE - Leaders: M. Kubo & L. Joly-Pottuz
Sintering and Phase transformation In CEramic materials

SuperLub - Leaders: M. Kubo & J.M. Martin
Superlubricity: Experimental and Computer Simulations

TEmPuRA - Leaders: A. Miyamoto & J.Y. Cavaillé
Theory for Electrostriction of PolymeRic Actuator

TriArtiJoints - Leaders: K. Adachi & H. Zahouani
Tribology of artificial joints