ELyTMaX UMI 3757




Prof. OGAWA Kazuhiro 小川 和洋
(kogawa at rift.mech.tohoku.ac.jp)


Prof. SEBALD Gael セバルド ガエル
(gael.sebald at insa-lyon.fr)



Actual researchers

Prof. TAKAGI Toshiyuki 高木 敏行
(takagi at ifs.tohoku.ac.jp)
Nondestructive evaluation of metal structures and composites using electromagnetic phenomena,
iamond and diamond-like carbon coatings and their applications.


Prof. WATANABE Yutaka 渡邉 豊
(yutaka.watanabe at que.tohoku.ac.jp)
(1) Materials ageing issues in energy plants
(2) Risk based maintenance of ageing plants
(3) Corrosion management in Fukushima Daiichi NPP decommissioning processes


Prof. CAVAILLE Jean-Yves キャバイエ ジャンイヴ
(jean-yves.cavaille at insa-lyon.fr)
(1) Solid state polymer physics and multi-functional materials
(2) Nanocomposites based polymers
(3) Mechanical and electrical properties

Prof. UCHIMOTO Tetsuya 内一 哲哉
(uchimoto at ifs.tohoku.ac.jp)
(1) Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation
(2) Online monitoring


Prof. KOMIYA Atsuki
(atsuki.komiya.d5 at tohoku.ac.jp)
(1) Heat transfer control
(2) Thermal Engineering


Prof. NAKANO Masami 中野 政身
(m-nakano at fmail.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp)
(1) Energy harvesting utilizing Magneto-Rheological (MR) elastomers
(2) MR brake, clutch and damper utilizing Innovative MR fluids & elastomers
(3) Micro-motor with Electro-Active-Polymer (EAP) rotors

Prof. KUWANO Hiroki 桑野 博喜
(hiroki.kuwano at nanosys.mech.tohoku.ac.jp)




Associate Prof. SHIMOYAMA Koji
shimoyama at edge.ifs.tohoku.ac.jp




(2016-today) Assistant Prof. BERNARD Chrystelle べルナール クリステル
(chrystelle.bernard at rift.mech.tohoku.ac.jp)
(1) Thermomechanical Modeling of polymers
(2) Polymer coating by Cold-Spray


(2016-today) Dr. DIGUET Gildas ディゲ ジルダス
(gildas.doguet.d4 at tohoku.ac.jp)
(1) Electro-mechanical coupling
(2) Magneto-mechanical coupling
(3) Heterostructures


(2018-2019) Visiting Scientist Dr. ZARAZUA VILLALOBOS Liliana (zarazua.liliana at rift.mech.tohoku.ac.jp)
(1) Ceramic material
(2) Metallic glass
SPS process and cold spray


They are doing their Ph.D with us

(2017-2020) Ms. JAFFRE Kathleen

Double degree PhD Student INSA-Tohoku

Optimizing surface to Prevent SCC initiation in energy industries


(2017-2020) Mr. MOHANASUNDARAM Pradeep

Double degree PhD Student ECL-Tohoku

Robust shape optimization of disc-pad system under squeal noise criteria


(2018-2021) Ms LAURONCON Manon

Double degree PhD Student INSA-Tohoku

Elaboration and characterization of new titanium alloys for biomedical applications


(2019- 2022) Mr. OLLIVIER-LAMARQUE Lucas オリビエ ラマーク リュカ

Double degree PhD Student CNRS- INSA-Tohoku

Non destructive testing for monitoring the phyical and chemical degradation of polymers materials


(2019-2022) Ms DECROOCQ Megane

Double degree PhD Student INSA-Tohoku



Administrative Staff (International Affairs Center) iac at grp.tohoku.ac.jp




Ms. TANNO Kanako 丹野 加奈子

Staff Administrative Office




Former researchers and adminitrative staff @ ELyTMaX

Associate Prof. MARY Nicolas マリー ニコラ (2016-2020)
(nicolas.mary at insa-lyon.fr)
(1) Tribocorrosion behavior of materials
(2) Durability and corrosion resistance of materials
(3) Polymer and metallic coating design


Associate Prof. GILLOT Frédéric マリー ニコラ (2019-2020)
(frederic.gillot at ec-lyon.fr)
(1) Robustness, shape optimization
Iso-geometric formulation, uncertainties quantification,
(3) Structural dynamics, multi-objectives


Dr. YAN Linjuan (2019-2020)
(linjuan.yan at insa-lyon.fr)
Energy harvesting with smart materials;
(2) Vibration control;
(3) Periodic structure study


Prof. LALLART Mickaël (2019-2020)
(mickael.lallart at insa-lyon.fr)

(1) Multiphysic coupling,

(2) Small-scale energy conversion,

(3) Energy harvesting


Prof. FABREGUE Damen (2019) ​

(damien.fabregue at insa-lyon.fr)




(2018) Dr. GESLIN Pierre-Antoine ジェラン ピエル アントイン

(pierre-antoine.geslin at insa-lyon.fr)
(1) Theoretical and numerical modeling 
(2) Liquid metal dealloying and nano-porous and nano-structured materials


Mr. OIKAWA Hiroshi 及川 洋

Chief Administrative Office




They performed their Ph.D thesis with us: 

(2016-2020) Ms. LAPUSHKINA Elizaveta ラプシュキナ エリザベータ

Double degree PhD Student INSA-Tohoku

Cold spray and sacrifical coating for anticorrosion applications


(2016-2019) Dr. RAVI Kesavan ラヴィ ケサヴァン
Double degree PhD Student and JSPS postdoc

 Polymer coating by Cold-Spray


(2016-2019) Mr. GUPTA Bhaawan グプタ バーワン

Double degree PhD Student INSA-Tohoku

Micromagnetic models for non destructive testing


They performed their Master thesis with us: 

(2019) Mr. RASSE Charles

Intern from U.T.T., France


(2017-2019) Mr. OLLIVIER-LAMARQUE Lucas オリビエ ラマーク リュカ

Double degree MASTER Student INSA-Tohoku


(2016) Mr. FERRI Sébastien フェリ セバスチャン 

Intern from Université de Lyon, France


(2016) Mr. BOUCIDA Nazim ブジタ ナジム 

Intern from Université de Lyon, France