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05 Jul

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Dr. Sophie Colson winner of the first edition of the scientific image competition

The first edition (2021) of the scientific image competition « 科学の幽玄 – Beauté cachée de la science » organized by the Service for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in Japan was won by Dr. Sophie Colson (Master DD ECL - TU ; PhD DD INSA Lyon - TU) with this picture:

© Dr Colson - JPEG© Dr. Colson


It is a direct photograph of an ammonia/methane diffusion flame suspended in an airflow, and it was obtained in the framework of a research collaboration between CETHIL UMR 5008 – INSA Lyon and IFS - Tohoku University. This research corresponds to the CombAmmOpt project within ELyT Global (details here: https://www.elyt-lab.com/sites/elyt-lab.com/files/elyt_global_-_combammopt_2020.pdf)

See https://jp.ambafrance.org/Ceremonie-de-remise-des-prix-du-concours-de-cliches-de-recherche-Beaute-cachee-de-la-science for the full results of the first edition.