ELyT Global

ELyT Global

Following the successful experience of ELyT Lab (2009-2016), an International Associated Laboratory of CNRS between Tohoku University, INSA-Lyon and Ecole Centrale de Lyon, we have successfully proposed to CNRS a new International Associated Laboratory, ELyT Global.What is an "International Associated Laboratory"CNRS logoAn "International Associated Laboratory", in French "Laboratoire International Associé" (LIA), is a collaborative research structure supported by CNRS, the french national center for scientific research. This is like a “laboratory without walls”, the relationship between the two partners being formalized through a contract signed by the heads of both organizations, with provisions covering issues such as intellectual property rights.The LIA ELyT GlobalELyT Global is a LIA between Tohoku University, in Sendai (Japan) and Université de Lyon, in Lyon (France). Its goal is to become a network of excellence in Engineering of Materials and Systems, with the aim of answering currently challenging societal stakes.On a practical point of view, ELyT Global gathers researchers from Japan and France that work on collaborative research projects, supports some travel expenses between both countries, and organizes scientific workshops for exchanging ideas and fostering new collaborations.On the French side, academic partners from Université de Lyon include INSA-Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, ENISE, ENTPE and CPE Lyon.


ELyT Global - 06/21/2021

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