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SPICE: Sintering and Phase transformation In CEramic materialsAxes: Simulation & Modeling, Materials & Structure DesignLeaders: Momoji KUBO (TU) & Lucile JOLY-POTTUZ (MATEIS, INSA)Participants: Yuji HIGUCHI (TU) (until April 2017)Within the ELyT lab M11 project, a complementary approach of characterization by transmission electron microscopy (MATEIS laboratory) and simulation approach (Kubo laboratory) was developed to better understand the interaction between alumina and zirconia grains during processing of nanometer-sized composites. Simulation results were complementary to experimental ones and gave new insight on the interaction between ceramic grains. A second part of the project was devoted to the study of another important material for biomedical applications: zirconia. The zirconia presents a major drawback for biomedical application: its propensity to phase transformation. Simulation tools were developed to study the mechanisms of the phase transformation (from tetragonal to monoclinic phase).Within this new ELyT Global project, we would like to further develop simulations tools to better understand the interactions between ceramic grains or phase transformations occurring under stresses, in order to improve the process and the design of new ceramic materials. These simulation tools developed at Tohoku University in Professor Kubo laboratory will be coupled to characterization performed at MATEIS laboratory.