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PYRAMID: Piping sYstem, Risk management based on wAll thinning MonItoring and preDictionAxes: Materials & Structure Design, EnergyLeaders: Toshiyuki TAKAGI (TU) and Philippe GUY (LVA, INSA-Lyon)Participants: Yutaka WATANABE, Hiroshi ABE, Shinji EBARA, Tetsuya UCHIMOTO, Fumio KOJIMA, Mitsuo HASHIMOTO, Ryoichi URAYAMA, Hongjun SUN (Tohoku University), Bernard NORMAND (INSA-Lyon), Nicolas MARY (INSA-Lyon/TU/ELyTMaX), Ryo MORITA, Shun Watanabe (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Japan), Atsushi IWASAKI (Gunma University, Japan), Christophe REBOUD, Pierre CALMON, Edouard DEMALDENT (CEA)We aim to develop new tools and techniques to detect and quantify wall thinning due to Flow Assisted Corrosion in piping systems. Corrosion modes and rate will be predicted by numerical simulations at any position for actual layouts of piping systems. These predictions will be validated by electrochemical experiments under controlled mass transfer coefficient. From the previous results, ultrasonic guided modes EMAT networks will be designed. Their performances will be investigated in corrosion test facilities and the adequate signal processing techniques based on Bayesian approach will be developed. To increase the method reliability, simulations will help selecting the best technical solution, based on Probability of Detection and flaw characterization performance. Special ultrasonic imaging techniques will also be applied if necessary. From all the data gathered during the project, an industrial risk evaluation of any kind of piping system subject to corrosion will be performed.