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LofDIAMS: Low and ultralow friction of microcrystalline diamonds films – towards smart and tribo-resistant coatingsAxes: Surfaces & Interfaces, Materials & Structure DesignLeaders: Hiroyuki MIKI (FRIIS, TU) & Michel BELIN (LTDS, ECL)A project has started, concerning low and ultralow friction of carbon-based coatings. It is related to “Superlubricity”. The objective is to describe the low friction behavior of partially-polished microcrystalline diamond films. The goal is to depict and precisely quantify the different contributions to friction (velocity-dependent and Coulomb-type contributions), in different contact conditions. Experimental work is involving mainly i/ coating elaboration in TU, ii/ and the “relaxation tribometer“ technique in LTDS. Those films will be applied as the smart and tribo-resistant coatings, especially to the bearings under extreme environments.Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

  1. M. Belin, H. Miki and T. Takagi, Friction laws determination of random-textured surface of microcrystalline diamond coatings, using the oscillating tribometer technique, Submitted to Tribology Online, 2018.