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IPAMA: Improvement of Plasticity in Amorphous Metallic AlloysAxes: Materials & Structure Design, Engineering for HealthLeaders: Hidemi KATO (TU) & Jean-Marc PELLETIER (MATEIS, INSA-Lyon)Participants: Sandrine CARDINAL (MATEIS, INSA-Lyon), Guoqiang XIE (TU)In industrial areas as diverse as those of biomaterials, micro-mechanics or watches, we need materials both hard, wear resistant, biocompatible, while being deformable. These "ideal" materials do not exist at present. Recently, new materials have been developed:the bulk metallic glasses. They have high mechanical properties and excellent suitability for shaping. But they are generally fragile. Hence, we propose to develop metallic glass matrix composites, reinforced by a second ductile phase. Two options are being considered: (i) by direct casting from a liquid which causes the formation of an amorphous metal matrix containing ductile crystalline particles (in-situ composites); (ii) densification under load of amorphous powders (SPS method) (ex-situ composites). The Japanese partner will produce the materials, Microstructural and mechanical characterizations will be made by the two partners, but mainly by the French partner.Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

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