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FMMD: Friction and sensory Models for development of Medical DevicesAxes: Surfaces & Interfaces, Engineering for HealthLeaders: Makoto OHTA (IFS, TU) & Vincent FRIDRICI (LTDS, ECL)Participants: Philippe KAPSA (LTDS, ECL), Simon TUPIN (IFS, TU), Kaihong YU (IFS, TU)Catheters are used for different reasons in engineering for health (treatment of tachycardia, placement of stent for treatment of aneurysms…). In these conditions, friction between catheter and living tissues (blood vessels, heart…) is of great importance for the success of medical treatment. In this project, we plan to develop a realistic biomodel of soft tissues, by using PVA hydrogel for instance. The scientific objective will be to understand more deeply friction of soft hydrogel and to optimize the catheter’s characteristics (material, surface topography) and conditions of use, in order to decrease friction and possible damage of the living tissue and to give realistic sensory response to the medical doctors.