ELyTMaX UMI 3757

ELyTMaX UMI 3757


ELyTMaX is an International Joint Unit (UMI) launched by CNRS (France), Université de Lyon (France) and Tohoku University (Japan). 

ELyTMaX is located at Tohoku University in Sendai, and regrouping around 20 people (both from France and Japan) including Full Professors, Associate and Assistant Professors, postdoctoral fellows, double degree PhD, Master students and administrative staff.


Origin of ELyTMaX (UMI 3537 - Université de Lyon, CNRS, Tohoku University)

In 2004, liaison offices at Tohoku University and Université de Lyon have been created. This is based on strong collaborations for more than 30 years along with numerous academic agreements facilating the exchange of students and young researchers between the French and Japanese teams.

In 2008, the starting of an International Associated Laboratory (LIA) between CNRS, Tohoku University, Université de Lyon was a new opportunity to boost scientific relationships between French and Japaneses collaborators.

In 2016, a new step has been passed with the creation of an International Joint Unit (UMI) directed by Pr. K. Ogawa (Tohoku University) and Pr. J.-Y. Cavaillé (INSA-Lyon). This UMI was created for the first time between CNRS, Tohoku University and University de Lyon (as a COMUE). Since 2017, direction of UMI is shared by Pr. K. Ogawa (Tohoku University) and Pr. G. Sebald (INSA-Lyon).

In 2018, ELyTMaX established in Lyon in the La Doua Campus. It is also welcoming the IFS Lyon center



ELyTMaX UMI 3757 - 04/18/2023

PhD offer - ELyTMaX - IFS- LAMCOS

ELyTMaX UMI 3757 - 10/05/2022


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