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COSMIC: COmpression-ShearingMethod – understanding Interfaces in metal CompositesAxes: Surfaces & Interfaces, Materials & Structure DesignLeaders: Hiroyuki MIKI (FRIIS, TU) & Julien FONTAINE (LTDS, CNRS/ECL)Participants: Takamichi MIYAZAKI (TU), Matthieu GUIBERT (LTDS, ECL)Double degree PhD student: Sho TAKEDA (GSE, TU) (now Post-Doc)COmpression Shearing MEthod at Room Temperature (COSME-RT) has attracted attention as a novel method for solidifying metal powders. The solidification is promoted by an enforced plastic flow, and external heating is not required. Therefore, COSME-RT is considered as susceptible to form composite materials which are keeping each of the individual characteristic of the original powder materials. In this project, the possibility of compacting metal powder and composite of metal and another material, polymer, ceramics or other compounds, using COSME-RT will be investigated, to clarify the interparticle bonding of powder particles during the compression and shearing process.With development of this technique, we would like to form multifunctional materials, which would exhibit good electrical and tribological properties, by this simple solidifying process.Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

  1. S. Takeda, H. Miki, J. Fontaine, M. Guibert, H. Takeishi, T. Takagi, Interparticle Bonding of Cu Powder under Repetitive Unidirectional Friction, Tribology Online 13(2) (2018) 43-49doi: 10.2474/trol.13.43
  2. S. Takeda, H. Miki, J. Fontaine, H. Takeishi, T. Takagi, Role of MoS2 Addition in the Consolidation of Metal from Powder to Plate by the Compression Shearing Method at Room Temperature, Tribology Online 13(1) (2018) 15-19doi: 10.2474/trol.13.15