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BoneDrill: Development and Friction Characterization of Biomodels of BonesAxes: Engineering for Health, Materials & Structure DesignLeaders: Makoto OHTA (IFS, TU) & Vincent FRIDRICI (LTDS, ECL)Participants: Philippe KAPSA (LTDS, ECL), Gaëtan BOUVARD (LTDS, ECL), Fredrik LUNDELL (KTH)Double degree PhD student: Yuta MURAMOTO (GSBE, TU & LTDS, ECL)The objective of this project is to develop bones biomodels with drilling characteristics similar to the ones of natural bones. These biomodels could be used for the training of doctors or development / evaluation of medical devices. Important characteristics are mechanical properties (hardness, elasticity modulus) and friction between the biomodel and a drill, in order to give to the doctors the same feeling as with natural bones for the drilling of the bones. Different composite materials, based on PMMA, will be developed and characterized (in mechanical tests and drilling tests), in order to understand the effects of different types of additives on hardness, elastic modulus, thrust force, maximum friction torque, drilling speed… This project will focus on the relationships between these parameters and the materials’ microstructure, by taking into account temperature, lubrication and chips shape during drilling.