ELyT Global

The ELyT Global Approach

Different pathes can be followed to lead to innovation. The way to conduct research is different between France and Japan, as it is also different between academics and industry.

The goal of ELyT Global is both to promote high quality research and to answer current societal stakes. From a rough idea to a mature solution, mainly two approaches can be considered:


  • Develop the technology, but at some point science will become necessary on specific topics to reach the best solution;
  • Progress on required scientific advances, but at some point multi-disciplinary technological development will become mandatory to reach a practical application.


Application themes and scientific topics

Since some collaborative research projects are technology-related, and require the combination of several scientific fields, while some others aims at achieving better fundamental understanding that may be useful for several technolgies, we thus propose 3 application themes and 3 scientific topics.

Application themes:

  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Engineering for Health

Scientific topics:

  • Materials & Structure design
  • Surfaces & Interfaces
  • Simulation & Modeling

For each theme or topic, scientific leaders from Japan and France have been chosen. Their role is to help define the content of each theme or topic, and to promote the build-up of new collaborative research porojects. These leaders are as follow:

  • Transportation: Koshi Adachi (TU) & Philippe Kapsa (CNRS)
  • Energy: Tetsuo Shoji (TU) & Bernard Normand (INSA-Lyon), with the help of Gerd Dobmann (Saarland Universität)
  • Engineering for Health: Makoto Ohta (TU) & Daniel Hartmann (UCBL)
  • Materials & Structures Design: Akihiko Chiba (TU) & Eric Maire (CNRS)
  • Surfaces & Interfaces: Kazuhiro OGAWA (TU) & Clotilde Minfray (ECL)
  • Simulation & Modeling: Takashi Tokumasu (TU) & Philippe Chantrenne (INSA-Lyon)