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16 mar

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ElyT members distinguished by the Jean Capelle / Gaston Berger medals

On February 21st, Chrystelle Bernard and Lucas Ollivier-Lamarque have each been awarded Jean Capelle / Gaston Berger medals. This distinction recognizes the scientific implication and recognition of researchers. Chrystelle Bernard received the medal due to her outstanding work on numerical simulation of Cold Spray, which led to the Hyogo-Kansai Caterpillar STEM  Award (special prize of the committee). Lucas Ollivier-Lamarque received the prize of the best presentation of the 18th ICFD, for his work on « Methodology to detect water uptake in Polymer Materials Using Non-Contact capacitor sensor».

In addition to ELyT researchers, Marie-Pierre Favre received the medal as well for her outstanding contribution to the ELyT initiative. She recently got the internationalization award from Tohoku university.


Congratulations to Chrystelle, Marie-Pierre et Lucas !


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