ELyTMaX UMI 3757

16 fév

ELyTMaX UMI 3757

Visite de M. KURATOMI Kenji, Consul, chef du Bureau Consulaire du Japon à Lyon.

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, M. Kuratomi Kenji, Consul – chef du Bureau Consulaire du Japon à Lyon, visited INSA Lyon. During his visit, he met researchers involved in France-Japan collaboration. Mr. Kuratomi appreciated the strength of the exchanges between the University of Lyon and the University of Tohoku through the activities of the international laboratory ELyTMaX (IRL CNRS 5510), the IRN ELyTGlobal network, the student exchange activities ELyTSchool, the IFS Lyon Center (LyC). The overall strategy to enhance attractivity for students and researchers (LyonSE&N) was also presented.

Attendees: Pr. JY Cavaillé, Pr. G. Sebald, Pr. M. Lallart, Dr. A. Favre, Dr MP Favre, Dr. N. Mary, Dr. K. Yuse, Dr. L. Joly-Pottuz, Dr. S. Takeda

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