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POMADE: POlymer-Metal-fiber Adhesions DElamination controlAxes: Materials & Structure Design, Surfaces & InterfacesLeaders: Tetsuya UCHIMOTO (ELyTMaX/FRI, TU) & Nicolas MARY (ELyTMaX)Participants: Sebastien LIVI (IMP, INSA), Sabrina MARCELIN (MATEIS, INSA), Sheng YUAN (MATEIS, INSA), Benoit TER-OVANESSIAN, Bernard NORMAND (INSA)Double degree master student: L. Ollivier-LamarqueEpoxy-Amine coatings are widely used for corrosion protection of metallic surfaces in industry. However, their mechanical behaviors need to be improved in order to increase their range of applications. Thus, fibers (glass, carbon, etc.) can be injected in the polymer layer. Their presences create new heterogeneities, in volume and also at the internal interface between the coating and the substrate. All of them affect the overall corrosion behavior of the structure during static or dynamic loads. To optimize coatings and adhesion properties, additional knowledges are required in term of corrosion propagation and delamination mechanism at the material/polymer or polymer/fiber interfaces. Our aim is to combine complementary nondestructive measurements such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and eddy currents methods, to better understand the delamination processes that occurs at all interfaces heterogeneities in order to develop new hydride polymer/fiber coatings.In 2017/2018, at MATEIS & IMP, coating material were prepared during the stay of L. Ollivier-Lamarque. This time only epoxy polymer coatings were made. At IFS/ELyTMaX, water uptake during immersion tests were followed by NDE (capacitive sensor) and impedance measurements. Results comparisons with results obtained by Dr Marcelin at MATEIS with electrochemical technics are ongoing.