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PolymColdSprayCoat: Resilient Polymeric cold spray coatingAxes: Materials & Structure Design, Surfaces & InterfacesLeaders: Kazuhiro OGAWA (ELyTMaX & FRI, TU) & Olivier LAME (MATEIS, INSA)Participants: Jean-Yves CAVAILLE (ELyTMaX, UL, TU, CNRS), Chrystelle BERNARD (ELyTMaX, FRIS, TU), Nozomu HATAKEYAMA, Ryuji MIURA, Akihira MIYAMOTO (NICHe, TU), Tiana DEPLANCKE (MATEIS, INSA)Double degree PhD student: Kesavan RAVI (ELyTMaX, INSA & TU)Polymer coatings have a strong variety of applications like surface protection from corrosion, protection from cavitation erosion or mechanical impacts, electronic applications, packaging, and biocompatible membrane etc. The applications of coatings have greatly increased, largely driven by the competitive need to reduce costs, weight and volume.The high molecular weight of UHMWPE provides exceptional mechanical properties. In particular, it has an excellent wear resistance. It also has an excellent resistance to impacts. It has a large elongation at break (typically several hundred percent) and, as a result, a great ability to absorb energy before fracture. Cold-Spray technique is being observed as a technique to coat UHMWPE onto different materials, i.e. to perform particles sintering by projecting them at ultrahigh speed. The challenge consists in (i) improving adhesion between the coated polymer layer (1stlayer) and the substrate and the subsequent layers of polymers to limit particle rebounds and (ii) in finding the conditions leading to a near bulk density compaction. This project is based on both (i) experimental approaches and (ii) modeling & simulation. Two scales are targeted, molecular scale for adhesion analysis and mesoscopic scale for understanding the polymer behavior under ultra-high deformation and temperature rate.Encouraging results have been already obtained for UHMWPE coatings as well as preliminary molecular simulations on adhesion. UHMWPE cold spray simulations are ongoing.Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

  1. K. Ravi, Y. Ichikawa, K. Ogawa, T. Deplancke, O. Lame, J.-Y. Cavaille, Mechanistic Study and Characterization of Cold-Sprayed Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene-Nano-Ceramic Composite Coating, J. Thermal Spray Tech. 25 (2016) 160-169doi: 10.1007/s11666-015-0332-1