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MICRONS: MultIscale Characterisation of BacteRiO-active Nanoglass SurfacesAxes: Surfaces & Interfaces, Engineering for HealthLeaders: Dmitri LOUZGUINE (WPI-AIMR, TU) & Philippe STEYER (MATEIS, INSA Lyon)Participants: Cyril LANGLOIS (MATEIS, INSA Lyon)Metallic materials are in general considered in their conventional states: either crystallized, or amorphous. A third nanometer-controlled composite morphology has emerged in the 90's, termed nanoglass, consisting of glassy regions joined together by a network of nano-sized interfaces. Recently, different nanograined metallic glasses have been successfully synthesized by PVD process in the form of thin films at the Tohoku University, leading to outstanding properties in catalysis activity as well as osteoblast integration. Similarly, at INSA, the high functional properties of Zr-Cu thin film metallic glasses were established, while a further silver addition led to a strong bactericidal effect.Aim of this project is to gather the experience of both partners in order to synthesized and characterize a new generation of Ag-doped Zr-Cu and Ti-Cu bacterio-active nanoglass surfaces. An in situmulti-scale approach will be carried out in order to better understand the link between the characteristic microstructure of these advanced materials and their specific multi-functional properties.