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DeProMiNa: Dealloying to produce micro and nano-porous metalsAxes: Materials & Structure Design, EnergyLeaders: Hidemi KATO (TU) & Eric MAIRE (MATEIS, INSA-Lyon)Participants: Takeshi WADA, Christophe LE BOURLOT, Pierre-Antoine GESLINDouble degree PhD student: Morgane MOKHTARIKato’s group has developed a new process able to produce micro to nano-porous structures of transition metals and conventional alloys like stainless steels. The fine microstructure of these materials if of interest for a number of applications as bio-medical, sensors, or energy storage materials. Maire’s group expertise focuses on the characterization of these complex microstructures (X-ray tomography) and how to relate them to mechanical properties of the materials. M. Mokthari’s thesis focused on the 3D characterization of these materials by X-ray tomography and the production of metal/polymer composites with attractive machanical properties. She also achieved the production of nanoporous materials from commercial alloys. In addition, the kinetics of the dealloying process and its dependence on the sample geometry has been clarified with the help of P.-A. Geslin to better understand results obtained from X-ray tomography. Also, a phase-field study performed by P.-A. Geslin clarified the coarsening mechanisms of the structures by surface diffusion and lead to interesting comparisons with experimental microstructures obtained from tomography.We would like to ask for the continuation of this project to pursue this fruitful collaboration. Next steps will consist of deepening our understanding of the dealloying process and the micrsotructure formation by investigating model systems such as Ni-Cu dealloyed in Ag or Cr-Ni dealloying in Cu, with both experimtental and numerical approaches. Future work will also include the dealloying of alloys containing a non-uniform microstructure (precipitates or composites).Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

  1. M. Mokhtari, C. Le Bourlot, J. Adrien, A. Bonnin, T. Wada, J. Duchet-Rumeau, H. Kato, E. Maire, Microstructure characterization by X-ray tomography and EBSD of porous FeCr produced by liquid metal dealloying, Materials Characterization 144 (2018) 166-172doi: 10.1016/j.matchar.2018.06.032
  2. M. Mokhtari, C. Le Bourlot, J. Adrien, S. Dancette, T. Wada, J. Duchet-Rumeau, H. Kato, E. Maire, Cold-rolling influence on microstructure and mechanical properties of NiCr-Ag composites and porous NiCr obtained by liquid metal dealloying, Journal of Alloys & Compounds 707 (2017), 251–256doi: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2016.12.105