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DECCOBABA: DEvelopment and Characterization of New CO BAsed alloys for Biomedical ApplicationsAxes: Materials & Structure Design, Engineering for HealthLeaders: Akihiko CHIBA (TU) and Damien FABREGUE (MATEIS, INSA-Lyon)Participants: Kenta YAMAKA (TU), Xavier BOULNAT (INSA-Lyon)Master Student: Shoya AOTA (TU)Co based alloys are already widely used for various biomedical applications. Moreover, more and more parts are made through additive manufacturing techniques. Thus, there is now some efforts to make to develop new alloys permitting to obtain optimized microstructure and mechanical properties at the end of the elaboration process for being used in biomedical applications.Thus, this project will address that topic. Some thermodynamic calculations will be carried out to predict the equilibrium phases. Bulk materials will be casted and some additive manufacturing experiments (when the powder can be elaborated) will be realized varying the different process parameters. Microstructural characterization as well as mechanical ones will be done to evaluate the in-use properties of the new alloys. Damage characterization and biocompatibility will be assessed to have a complete picture of the potentiality of these new designed alloys.Articles in peer-reviewed international journals

  1. S. Aoto, K. Yamaka, D. Fabrègue, A. Chiba, E. Maire, Influence of the Carbon content on mechanical properties and microstructure of Co based alloys in additive manufacturing by EBM, to be submitted
  2. K. Yamanaka, D. Fabrègue, A. Chiba, DJ. Hartmann, S. Balvay, Influence of the microstructure on fatigue properties and cytotoxicity of Co based alloys, submitted